Started in August 2003 by Brandon Childers, Able Moving, Inc. is a locally owned moving company. Based out of Olympia, WA, where Brandon was born and raised, he decided to start a business that provided a helpful service to his local community. In January 2006, his wife, Angela, came in to the office to answer phones and organize the company's schedule. During her 13 years with the company, Angela has given birth to a son, Brock, and a daughter, Alyssa.

Throughout their time together, the company has developed into a courteous and professional entity. Their friendly, helpful characters and determination to succeed for the needs of their customers have built a solid foundation for the growth of Able Moving over the last 16 years. 

We are a small company with two moving trucks. Our crew is made up of hand-picked, professionals that are trained by us to value teamwork and customer satisfaction.  Seeing as we help people and families every day, it is only natural that our family owned company be more like a big family than just a group of employees. It makes for a better environment and a more cohesive work relationship. Our goal is to give you a pleasant experience with your move, you'll notice it the minute you meet our team, we promise.